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What You Should Know About Fleet Management

In the US, federal regulations dictate how diesel exhaust fluid is used in fleet trucks. The laws prevent large-scale trucks from causing an increase in pollution and dangerous gas emissions. All fleet owners must comply with the law by using the fluid as specified. A local supplier offers diesel exhaust fluid designed specifically for fleet trucks.

Why Fleet Trucks Need Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems

The systems control the fleet trucks more proactively and lower the potential for a breakdown. As fluid levels get lower, the indicator lights appear on the dashboard and notify the drivers. If the driver doesn’t replenish the fluid supply, the truck shuts down until the fluid levels are restored. The systems prevent potential damage to the trucks and extend their longevity.

Using the Diesel Exhaust Fluid Properly

All drivers must add the fluid as expected. According to the EPA requirements, the drivers add at least 2 gallons for every 800 miles they drive. The exact measurement varies according to the size of the fleet trucks. However, the standard prevents common issues for the fleet owners.

Avoiding Extra Costs and Penalties

Any fleet owners who don’t comply with the federal regulations could face penalties. Typically, all fleet vehicles undergo an annual safety inspection, and gas emissions are tested. If any nitrous oxide gas emissions are discovered, the fleet owner is required to correct the issue and schedule a new inspection. If the owner uses the right diesel exhaust fluid, they avoid the cost of a second inspection and avoid more profound operating costs.

Adding Storage Options for Long Travels

Storage containers are beneficial for all drivers who are traveling longer than average distances. Containers and pumps are added to the fleet trucks for adding the appropriate diesel exhaust fluid. The additions make it easier to refill the trucks with the exhaust fluid when traveling.

In the US, federal regulations dictate how fleet owners maintain and use their fleet trucks. The laws outline how to use diesel exhaust fluid to lower nitrous oxide emissions. Using the fluids properly prevents common issues that lead to breakdowns and high costs. Fleet owners who want to learn more strategies for better fleet management contact a supplier now.