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Home Lifts Provide Many Benefits

Installing a lift in a home can bring about freedom for those who will be using it. This is especially true for individuals with mobility issues who wish to remain in a multi-level home. For a lift to live up to its maximum potential, a homeowner should use the best home lift installation company in Singapore to ensure that everything is up to code. A properly installed lift can run efficiently for many years with regular maintenance and care.


While many people think that lifts are too expensive for residential use, they are more affordable than one might think. Many of today’s modern lifts are designed to be energy-efficient and eco-friendly, so they don’t use a lot of electricity. One design, the home-vacuum lift, operates on air-pressure, so extensive cabling and a machine room are not necessary. This particular lift is compact and doesn’t require a hoist for operation.

Hydraulic Lift

A home-hydraulic lift is a good option for a residential living space with up to 3 floors. Since no pit is required, this type of lift works well in a small area. An additional plus for this lift is the manual valve that will open if the power ever goes out during use.

Traction Lift

A traction lift works well for residential usage since it’s compact and uses steel flat belts that don’t require oiling and lubrication. This type of lift only needs occasional maintenance and is capable of carrying heavy loads. The traction lift is the most popular type of home lift since it is relatively inexpensive to install and uses very little power to operate.

Benefits of Installing a Home Lift

A home lift can ease the strain of carrying bulky or heavy objects up and down a staircase. It can also help an individual with mobility issues to move freely throughout a multi-level home. A home lift helps mobility challenged individuals to remain in the home they are accustomed to by providing them with a safe way to move between the various floors.

Home lifts have increased in popularity since they have become more affordable and can be customized to fit in any space. A home lift can allow older individuals to retain their independence by providing them with a safe way to navigate through a multi-level home. A lift can improve the quality of life for mobility challenged individuals.